Bronze 14 Stingray

Cast in bronze this is a inspired design that has met with an amazing response.

The bold design of the base is highlighted with a shagreen design that is cast directly into the bronze.

A truly striking table!

Strong yet flexible, bronze is a sculptural material that has been employed in the decorative arts of Europe for millennia. There is something monumental and primordial about molten bronze and the age-old methods required to make one of our lost wax designs.

Lost wax needs a model of the design to be made in wax. The wax model is covered with clay, dried and heated. The wax melts and pours out (is lost) through flues, leaving a cavity the same as the original wax. Molten bronze is poured into the cavity completely filling the space. The clay is broken and a bronze model remains ready for sanding, chasing and finishing.

Size: 50 x 31 x 57cm high.
Code: TSB14