120 Strata Round Dining Table


The Strata collection is noted for its exceptional, distinctive and urban design. The dining tables are notable for gentle organic shapes and irregular profiles providing a striking detail. The case works benefit from a fusion of walnut, matte lacquer and graphite powder coated metal legs. A fabulous detail is seen on the drawer pulls. This ‘cut-out’ is inspired by the shape of a wing hence the name ‘Strata’

Continuing with these principles we have a selection of seating with sleek architectural lines. Fashioned in walnut and finished in neutral ‘linen’. These are the prefect complement to this collection.

An amazing top that is an irregular ’round’ with an edge that goes for wide to narrow creating a fabulous profile. Finished in walnut and set on a tapered oval base.

Please note if moving this table around please either remove the top or slide it into position. The base is very heavy to give stability and may part from the top is lifted assembled.

Seat clearance 73cm.


Size: 120cm dia' x 75cm high.